New Inscriptions from Karadeniz Ereğli Museum III (Herakleia Pontike and Tieion/Tios)


  • Bülent Öztürk



Black Sea, Bithynia, Zonguldak, Karadeniz Ereğli, Herakleia Pontike, Tios, Epigraphy


In 2007, a project commenced to catalogue and to publish the Greek and Latin inscriptions in the Karadeniz Ereğli Museum. The recorded inscriptions are all from Zonguldak province (Eastern Bithynia), which is where the ancient cities of Herakleia Pontike and Tieion/Tios are located. So far, twenty-two new inscriptions held by the Museum have been published in previous papers. In the present paper, one honorary and four new grave inscriptions of the Roman imperial period - found in the districts of Alaplı, Devrek, Gökçebey, and Ereğli, all in Zonguldak province - are presented. Their importance lies in the new information they provide on the social history and prosopography of Herakleia Pontike and Tios/Tieion as well as the ethnicity and the status of individuals in Roman Bithynia. These English translations of those new inscriptions are 1.The uncle Marcus Aemilius? Thalassios, the younger, (honoured) Gnaeus Aemilius Pontikos/Pontianos, son of Gnaeus?. 2.Clodius?, son of …..-siphilos, (died) at the age of 75. Dionysia, daughter of Dionysios?, wife of Clodius, (died) at the age of ?. Farewell! 3. Diomedes, son of Chrysion, (died) at the age of 70. Farewell! Kotta, daughter of Paterion, wife of Diomedes, (died) at the age of 60. Farewell! 4. Dionysios, son of Ninos (died) at the age of ?; Kleopatra, daughter/wife of Dionysios, (died) at the age of ? Farewell! 5. Marcus? Aurelius Opikos, son of Chrysogonos, (grandson of Chrysogonos)?, who was loved by all, excellent, lived examplarily ? years. Farewell! Aurelia Panmoiris, daughter of Chrysogonos, wife of [- - -], lived examplarily ? years. Farewell!